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thanks for my Holidays Date: May 10th @ 3:29am EDT
Hi) Guys, my friends, I wanted to thank everyone who helps me to fulfill my dreams. I recently returned from a wonderful vacation that I spent in Bali! This is another heavenly place that I visited. All this thanks to you, your support! Thank you for making me happy! I am immensely grateful to you! I hug everyone!

In the fan club I will post photos and tell you more about the trip. So do not forget to join my fan club
Fan club Date: May 10th @ 3:12am EDT
Hello guys) I threw my fan club a little ((need to fix it. Soon I will finish processing photos from the holidays and will definitely place them here. Tell me, what would you like to know about me here? Write me your questions, you can ask them on Any topics, whether you want to find out something about my desires or maybe you want to find out who I am outside the site? Go ahead!
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your gift wait you Date: Mar 19th @ 7:58am EDT
hello) i wanna say Thank you so much for support me for Sn.Patricks Day))
i promised little gift and you will get this))
welcome to my chat

my thoughts Date: Mar 1st @ 1:26am EST
Everyone has bad days and bad times in life, but if you have people that care about you then you can get through those things.
#Thank you my dear friends â¤ï¸
Shape of my heart (H) Date: Feb 24th @ 11:40pm EST
And if I told you that I loved you
You'd maybe think there's something wrong
I'm not a man of too many faces
The mask I wear is one

Well, those who speak know nothin'
And find out to their cost
Like those who curse their luck in too many places
And those who fear are lost

for love Date: Feb 23rd @ 5:45pm EST
thinking out loud Date: Feb 21st @ 5:43am EST
Raffle Date: Feb 17th @ 1:18pm EST
Hi guys. as I promised, I wire the lottery. here are the names of all who sent me their heart and supported me. I will choose 10 winners who will get 10 minutes of private chat and 1 month fan club. I wish you all good luck.
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This winner names

Tank you all guys who support me

Valentine's Day Date: Feb 9th @ 11:02am EST
If you pay attention to some English-speaking valentines, you will see the letter âXâ on some of them. Know what she means kiss. It so happened that a person who was afraid to confess feelings on his own behalf signed a love letter with the letter âXâ (i.e., X â" anonymous), and then kissed his signature, leaving a trail of a kiss.))))
And what interesting and entertaining facts do you know about the day of all lovers? Do you know how many flowers and chocolate are sold on this day, but what about the cards? Who first came up with making boxes of candy in the form of hearts? When was February 14 an official holiday?

my thing) agree with me? Date: Feb 1st @ 4:08pm EST
Beautiful woman-This is a paradise for the eyes, hell-for the soul and purgatory for the purse!
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