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new photoshoot Date: Jan 20th @ 10:48pm EST
It was a special photo shoot taken on my birthday. It wasn't me who chose these images, I just told a little bit about myself. It was very interesting and exciting how the photographer would see me. But I admire the result and will say that this is a very close image of the lady-boss! A strong personality, a leader who can be a sexy soft woman inside!
Of course I love to tease you my friend so it's just part of the pictures) be patient! All photos in the fan clubb join soon)
thank you my friends Date: Dec 20th @ 5:14am EST
Its was hard but wonderfull 3 days. You bought best Christmas Gift for me! Make pleasure for next year for me i will still enjoy my surf, conquering new waves and making funny videos for you. Adore my best team
Happy New Year 2020 Date: Dec 30th @ 10:40pm EST
hello friends) I would like to thank everyone for this wonderful year, full of emotions that we give each other! There was a lot of laughter, fun and games! Thank you for your great support! Thank you for what you are there, thank you that you believe in me, thank you that I can be myself here with all its good and bad emotions, you always support me!
All I want is to fill you with positive, to give some joy and make you a little happier)

Be happy this New Year!
Lets see my new pics from Bali Date: Dec 5th @ 3:17am EST
Happy Thanksgiving Date: Nov 28th @ 6:24am EST
Happy Thanksgiving guys! I want to express my gratitude to everyone who I know here! I love each of you! You changed my life radically! You give me a smile every day! Thank you for your support but that firmly hold my hand in moments of victory and defeat! My friends are always there, you will not have realized one of my dreams! You help me to be better every day, to be more beautiful, sexier, happier! I thank God that I met you!
Thanks for my Victory ! Date: Oct 1st @ 6:05am EDT
I am very grateful to everyone who supported me in the competition Flirt Awards! We took 3rd place in the category of friendly! For me this is a huge win! I hope my room and my heart is one of the friendliest! I'm always glad to see you friends to joke and have fun! Thanks again for your support and lying to me!
I would also like to say that at the end of the contest, I spent the promised lottery! There were 50 prizes!
10 - sexy photo
10 Hot Videos
10 - The fan club subscriptions for 1 month
10 - offers 10 credits per minute
10 - Free private show for 10 minutes each
 Each winner will receive a message!
Congratulations you guys!
Less is more! remember this!
i need your VOTE! Date: Sep 19th @ 4:38am EDT
Don't forget VOTE ! (s) Creative (s) Friendliest (s) Funniest (s) 3 votes or 150 credits - 1 ticket for raffle (H)
won contest Date: Jun 12th @ 6:24am EDT
Guys, thank you very much for the support in the contest, I was happy to win and rise to the second level! I sent you your gifts, I hope it will make you a little happier
take part in my raffle Date: Jun 10th @ 1:36am EDT

today big contest! pls support me and help me win. for every 50 credits get ticket for raffle and can win hot time with me! Good luck! dont miss your chance

all about me... Date: Jun 9th @ 1:18am EDT
impossible to tell everything about me. but before you enter my room, I ask you to read about me in my profile. If you have questions or want to know me! better welcome to my room.
i will glad to see you!

have a nice day and enjoy
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